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  • SYM BLAZE 200

    You said you wanted a commercial bike that was ready for the South African market; we listened, and here is the result; the Blaze 200. Everything you told us you wanted went into the making of this motorcycle and you won’t find a better one at the price. Fantastically economical to run, impressive built-in reliability and utterly practical; this is the bike you need to take your business to the next level.

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  • SYM CROX 125

    A scooter is a scooter, right? Not when you are looking at the SYM Crox 125. Living in the city, you value convenience and practicality above all else but want a dash of style and flair thrown in. The SYM Crox 125 gives you all this and more.

    We call this an urban adventure scooter; you’ll call it the best fun you can have on two wheels, no matter your age. We’ve combined fun with function and given it some cool style as well.
    Powered by a punchy 125cc, single-cylinder engine married to a belt-drive continually variable transmission, riding the Crox 125 is simplicity itself; just twist and go and concentrate on the road ahead.

    Sharp handling and powerful but safe braking add to the pleasure of riding this little wonder, while outstanding quality, performance and economy make it the sensible choice at the same time.

    Bring the fun back into your life; ride the SYM Crox 125.

    Available colors – Black, Blue and White
    2 Year Warranty

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    Retro styling combines with modern technology to bring you a stylish 150cc scooter that goes as good as it looks!

    Available colors – Brown or White
    2 Year Warranty

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  • SYM JET 14 200

    The SYM Jet 14 200 is your key to the freedom of the City. Punchy 4-stroke power with twist and go practicality, means it’s equally at home when commuting or cruising for a cappuccino. Smooth, stylish and economical. Joining the SYM freedom Revolution has never been more affordable.

    Available colors – Black, Blue, Red and White
    2 Year Warranty

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  • SYM NHT 125

    The SYM NHT 125 is a collection of crossover adventure; designed for the urban explorer. The slightly upright riding posture offers you clear forward visibility. To achieve outstanding handling, the SYM NHT 125 features a perimeter frame, centred-suspension and both front & rear brake discs with CBS. Full-LED lighting, 2A USB charger and LCD meter on the SYM NHT 125 gives the bike a contemporary look.
    It also is equipped with a beak and visor; to emphasize the adventure look. The front 140mm travel suspension provides greater ability whilst crossing various terrains. The wire-spoke wheels help on absorbing shock from the road, which can make your riding journey more comfortable.

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  • SYM NHT 200

    * Like its smaller brother, the NHT 200 has an adventure bike-inspired design with 19F/17R spoked wheels, a beaky front fairing, wide handlebars, a mini bash plate and engine crash bars. SYM have found a balance between classy looks and a rugged ‘do it all’ motorcycle design.

    Just above the front beak is a stylish LED headlight arrangement, which gives the NHT a sharper and more aggressive look. On my evening excursions, the NHT’s LED headlight emitted a bright, wide and clean beam of light. (The tail light’s an LED unit too.)

    The NHT has a neat trick up its sleeve, in the form of a USB charge port—just the ticket for a millennial like me. It’s right at the front of the fuel tank, so it’s easy to get to for charging a phone or GPS. The LCD display is modern yet simple, and includes a tripmeter, odometer, clock, fuel level indicator and a gear indicator.

    The NHT 200 is driven by a 183 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected motor. Although only 58 cc more than its smaller sibling, the NHT 200 feels way more competent—both on the open road, and in the slower stuff, too. It’ll sit at a comfortable 120 km/h at 7,000 rpm, with 2,000 more revs to spare, but also effortlessly lug at under 3,000 when negotiating tight single track.

    Thanks to its great balance and compliant suspension, the NHT 200 will soak up bumps as well as offer you a sporty ride. It’s a willing companion for both the urban commute and the open road… but what about off-road?

    Although only offering 140 mm of travel, a stiff setup makes up for the lack of travel—so light off-road duty is a doddle. The NHT holds its line on smooth gravel roads, the meerkat riding position feels natural, and the bike feels very nimble, too. In the tighter stuff, the high bars, tight turning circle and low revving motor enable you to ride with confidence.
    2 Year Manufacturer Warranty,2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    ,ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
    ,Centre Stand,Chain Drive,Crash-Protection Bars
    ,Finance Available,Finance Available
    ,Four Stroke,Fuel Injected,Fuel Injected
    ,Fuel Light,Fuel Light
    ,Full Service History,Gear Indicator,Gear Indicator
    ,LCD Display,LCD Display
    ,LED Headlight,LED Indicators,
    ,Single Cylinder,Slipper Clutch
    ,Twin Cylinder

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  • SYM NHX 125

    SYM NHX 125 is designed for an urban commuter who is full of street-fighter spirit.
    The lower riding posture and the muscular look gives you a more aggressive stance when conquering the urban sprawl.
    To achieve outstanding handling, the SYM NHX 125 features a perimeter frame, centred-suspension and front & rear brake disc with CBS.
    Full-LED lighting, 2A USB charger and LCD meter on SYM NHX 125 make it into a premium street bike.
    With 50/50 weight distribution, SYM NHX 125 is steering in more agile and quick-responsive performance.
    SYM NHX 125 also features a new lightweight aluminium rim that has better stiffness, and the equipped tyres make for good performance on road-gripping-ability.
    Let’s turn every ride into an exciting journey with the SYM NHX 125.

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  • SYM ORBIT II 125

    You’re young, you’ve got style and you’re ready to make your own tracks; then you need the SYM Orbit II.

    It’s a super funky piece of kit, ready to take on the city streets and take you where you need to go. Cool, modern styling helps you look good while a punchy 125cc engine and a strong front disc brake gives you the go and stop to keep you ahead of the crowd.

    You could spend more on a scooter, but why? The SYM Orbit II gives your own space!

    Available colours – Black and Red
    2 Year Warranty

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    The T1 Wolf is a motorcycle that gets noticed: punchy performance, surefooted feel & a sharp design focused around a headlight/that seems to narrow its eyes at the onlooker when you glance its way, sharp scoops, a knife-cut engine and a pair of cast rims carrying sporty profile 110/70-17 & 130/70-17 tyres carry on the ‘I mean business’ aura the Wolf projects.

    In short a look that will definitely please urban bikers! With the ignition on, the digital dashboard, built around a large tachometer, reveals its information: speed, total trip, partial trip, gear ratio indicator, fuel gauge. You have all the relevant information necessary in view in a simple yet elegant layout. On the engine side, the Wolf 125i is driven by a 124.1cc 4-stroke single-cylinder injection engine developing nearly 11 horsepower and equipped with a balancer shaft to limit vibrations at high speeds, smooth acceleration helps to suggest gear changes as you become familiar with the Stopping the wolf is a task easily undertaken by the Combined Braking System, Utilising a front 260 mm disc and a rear 222mm disc light and accessible, this bike offers fun from the first mile…. let yourself be seduced!

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    Introducing the all-new Trail Blaze 200. After the nationwide success of the Blaze 200, due to the fact that it’s fantastically economical to run, and has amazing built-in reliability and is utterly practical. We have now gone the extra mile by adding an “Off-Road Pack” which includes; upgraded longer/firmer suspension, dual-purpose tyres, and an MX inspired mud-guard.

    Built around the same iconic “Blaze 200” with these dirt worthy modifications, the all-new Trail Blaze 200 will now take you absolutely anywhere!

    Available colors – Blue or Red

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  • SYM X PRO 125

    * SYM scooters are designed to take more! We took a long hard look at the Orbit ll and saw potential; potential for a custom-designed delivery bike. We fitted a single seat, which gives more room for a large rear carrier frame, perfect for large delivery boxes. We’ve beefed up the rear suspension to increase the load capacity by a very useful margin and you still get all the SYM attributes of economy, reliability, practicality and style. Getting the job done has never been easier.
    2 Year Manufacturer Warranty, Automatic ,Belt Drive, Carburettor, Centre Stand, ,Four Stroke,Fuel Light, ,Luggage System, ,Single Cylinder

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  • SYM XS125

    XS125K, SYM Bike series, is equipped with OHC engine. It’s more powerful, environmental-concerned, fuel-saving and quiet. The great fuel tank contains up to 14.5litres which offers you much more convenience during the long trip. It comes with 240mm front disk brake which is safer and easier to bridle.

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